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Chile was virtually the only wine producer in the world never to have been invaded by phylloxera. The worldwide epidemic of
phylloxera, was carried to Europe on cuttings of North American vines.  Within a very few years  (1860 to 1890), it had
swamped the continent, devastating vineyards.  The antidote was eventually found in grafting new plantings of European
varieties on to roots from American vine species, which had become immune to the louse.  What was also observed,
however, was the one type of soil where it doesn’t survive is sand.  Those vineyards planted in costal areas, where sandy
soils predominate, tended to find the attack passed them by.

     Chile’s main protection lay in circumstances of its geography.  Since the country is, in essence, one long, narrow strip of
Pacific coast, nearly all of its soil is sand-based.  Furthermore, the natural bulwark of its border with Argentina, the Andes
Mountains, prevented what limited outbreaks of phylloxera arose in Argentina from spreading westwards.

The main regions in Chile are Aconcagua, Valle Central (Central Valley) y Sur (South). Aconcagua Valley and Casa Blanca
Valley are sub-regions of Aconcagua. Maipo, Rapel, Curicó and Maule are sub-regions of the Central Valley. The Valley of
Maipo was the first viticultural region that was formed and is still has the majority concentration of the vineyards.  A big part of
the Cabernet Sauvignon and of Merlot comes from there.

Description of Viña Nido de Águila winery

Situated in the mountains overlooking the Maipo Valley, Viña Niido de Águila produces approximately 8,000 cases of
Cabernet, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Syrah, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and blends of these wines.

Viña Niido de Águila, surrounded by dense native forest only 25 miles from the coast, enjoys a perfect wine-producing climate
with morning fog, warm days, and cool nights. Soils are coarse to rocky, similar to conditions in the Stag’s Leap area of the
Napa Valley.

This ideal vineyard location, combined with our experience and talent in grape production and winemaking, enables Nido de
Aguila to produce the highest quality wines Chile has to offer. Nido de Aguila is translated from the indigenous name for the
area, "Chinigue" which means "Place of the Eagles". Several Eagles reside in the area, adding to the beauty of the place and
helping to control the rabbits who also enjoy our vines.

Margarita Luchsinger runs the business from office to vineyard to winery. As the Chilean partner, and full time resident of
Chile, she is the person most responsible for the smooth operation of the winery and the exceptional quality of our wines.
She is also a fine painter, and her painting of the farm graces the Nido de Águila labels.

The Grower: Reid Dorn is a fifth generation California farmer from Lake County, a small premium winegrowing region Just
north of the Napa Valley. He has produced grapes for wineries such as Robert Mondavi, Kendall Jackson, Jed Steele and
Beringer since 1968. He began to work in the Chilean fresh fruit market in 1974 and fell in

love with the country. In his travels around Chile he found the perfect spot for producing outstanding wine grapes. He
imported and planted varietals from France, and currently produces Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Syrah, Pinot
Noir, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay. Reid travels often between California and Chile, overseeing harvests in both

The Winemaker: Kathy McGrath is a native of South Africa. She traveled to California 16 years ago and learned her trade from
Jed Steele of Steele Wines in Lake County. There she met the Dorns, who grow grapes for Steele. She Worked for Wildhurst,
another local winery, for six years and made many award winning wines. When the idea for starting the winery in Chile was
hatched, she enthusiastically agreed to travel to Chile several times a year. When she’s not making wine in Chile, She works
for Robert Mondavi in the Napa Valley. She Lives in Napa, with her daughter Molly and husband Mike, another Napa Valley

Specifiaction sheets:    
2002 Armonia    2002  Merlot Cab.Sauv.    2002 Merlot  2002 Cab. Sauv.

Nido de Águila won a silver for the Armonia and Bronzes for the Merlot and Merlot/Cab at
the 2004 SanFrancisco International Wine Competition

Nido de Águila won a silver for the Armonia and Bronzes for the Merlot and Merlot/Cab at
the Indiana International Wine Competition:

Nido de Águila won a Gold for the Merlot and a Silver for the Merlot/Cab at the 2004
American Wine Society Competition:

Nido de Águila won a Gold for the Merlot at the 2005 South Texas Wine Classic Competition
(Armonia & Merlot/Cab didn’t participate in the competition):

The Festival website isn’t updated yet (
http://www.sotxwineclassic.com  ) But you may see some festival’s photos at:  
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